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Welcome to Fumble Folks!

Hello Nerds! If you’re here, then you probably enjoy playing or watching Dungeons & Dragons and/or other Table top Role-Play Games. Great, we do too!

We’ve taken our love of the game to a new level, created a community of like-minded nerds on our Discord, we stream a weekly campaign, and are writing our own homebrew setting!

Find out more about us and what we do here!

  • 5 Systems that aren’t D&D
    So you’ve saved the kingdom, slayed the dragons and become heroes to the whole realm. From angry, raging barbarians, to warlocks with daddy issues, you and your friends have done it all. So, what’s next? Well, you could start another campaign from level 1, building yourselves back up to the same point, but how about… Read More »5 Systems that aren’t D&D
  • 15+ Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks and Nerds: Updated for 2022
    Christmas is coming up, and you’ve probably started wondering what presents to get your loved ones. But, do you find yourself always wondering what to get the nerd in your life? Whether you’re buying for your child, spouse, sibling or friend, we’ve come up with a few ideas that they would love!
  • New Merch in the store
    We just put a load of new T-shirts designed by Bree up online to buy!
  • Dragonmeet 2022
    We went to Hammersmith for this year’s Dragonmeet!
  • Riders Recap Episode 39: Preparing Bodies and Dulcet Tones!
    Catch up with the latest episode here!
    Catch up with our D&D stream, Rapid Riders, in this handy recap!

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